Handloom – The Timeless Art

 Handlooms constitute an integral part of the rich cultural heritage of India. Handlooms provide their fabric an appealing vivacity rendered by the weavers and artisans through their skilful amalgamation of mythologies, symbols and image depictions. Sustainable and environment-friendly, Indian handloom products are diverse and varied across the states.

 Authentic Handlooms and their imperfect beauty

It’s the imperfections of the handloom that gives the product, its beauty and identity. The imperfections arise due to thread pulls or jumps, the holes created due to pin marks, a knot, an incomplete motif in print or weaving, spills from hand block printing or stains from hand painting; yet they come with exquisiteness in abundance. With the advent of power looms and the attraction towards it for the competitive prices, it is these imperfections that help one identify an authentic handloom product.

The skilful craftsmanship, the sweat and the price

                Each handloom product is crafted meticulously with patience and skill with some sarees like that of a Telia Rumal that takes up to 60 days to complete. While it is augmented for the high price, it involves enormous amount of hand labour going into these distinguished pieces and the kind of yarns being used.

And each time we buy a handloom or handcrafted product, remember, we are contributing to the weaver’s and artisan’s family that sweats it out to make their ends meet.